The Nights

The nights in Huatulco are, generally, for relaxing! On exception of the long weekends starting on Thursdays. Only the most intense high seasons are different, so as: New year and Easter.

The other days, you can visit places where they close their doors at 2 am, but they will stay open until you are ready to leave. Let’s look at some examples:



La Mina, Disco-bar

Located in the basement of the Hotel Alligheri, at the bay Chahue. Place where you certainly will be served of El Gordo Armando, pioneer of discos in Huatulco including more than 17 years of experience.
Reservations at 58-71242



La Papaya, Disco-bar

Located at the bay Chahue, beside the “plaza Chahue”, across from Nissan. Open Thursdays to Saturdays, from 10 pm till dawn, until you keep dancing, and consuming for sure.
Reservations at 58-34911

Baby Khryss, Discoteca Bar

Located in front of the beach Chahue, in the avenue with the same name. Open from Thursday to Saturday.

light house:We are an outdoor bar, with a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. A place where having a drink, and lisent  to good music, is the perfect companie for a good conversation.


Prepare your self to enjoy an unforgetable night with 80's music, light haus, Pop, lounge. Always with our excelent service.



Casa Mayor, Singing coffee of which still they are in the towns; a guitar, a voice and much noise.




La Crema, restaurante bar, more bar than something else, but where you can get a delicious clay oven pizza, and the best cocktails in town. More than 300 recipes for cocktails and a nice variety of vines. Bohemian ambience, a dance floor, and a big place to socialize.


La Iguana, Bar adjacent to the tacos restaurant Los Portales, of the same management, offers you cold beers and tropical cocktails, in an intimate atmosphere. They have a pet named Goliath, a beautiful garrobo (a male Iguana) that likes to pose for pictures. Please take care of this beautiful animal, do not feed him, at least ou are authorized by the bartender.

Cactus, Restaurant Bar, located at  Bugambilias street, with a tradtion of 12 years in Huatulco. You can get Seafood, grills in a good atmosphere.

La Tropicana, Restaurant Bar, in the heart of town, only place that is open the 24 hours a day. Typical dishes of Oaxaca, variety of drinks, television.

LeChalotte, Restaurant Bar, located near the beach Chahue, with oriental dishes (thai) and international drinks.

Don Porfirio, Restaurant Bar, located in the bay of Tangolunda, almost in front of the Hotel Gala. Typical dishes of Oaxaca, pasta, seafood and all kind of drinks.


Café Dublín, In Carrizal street, a small place with a big ambience, specially for foreigners. They open at 7 pm and closes until the last person leaves.



El tonel; In Carrizal street, a small place to have a coffee, a sandwich, tostadas and gorditas, beer, and live music to have a good time.



Wikikí, el bar del Hotel Aloha, The bar of the Hotel Aloha, that is open to the public, with a swimming pool for the kids. This place offers different types of entertainment during the week, so as days of games and karaoke, 2x1 of beer, party and football, closing its doors on Mondays. Open air atmosphere with occasionally live music. Closes at 2 am.



El Zitrick,Restaurant Bar. A special place with ocean front. On the Santa Cruz beach, exists this open air space, where you can enjoy a variety of dishes like grilled white cheese, shrimp or chicken skewer and good red wine, as well as a variety of cocktails. Service from 4 pm till 1 am.



Camelot, at Vialidad 14, behind Telmex, with opening hours from 8 pm till 3 am from Monday to Saturday. There you can find German beer and appetizers like german sausages. During the week they have games and on the weekends dancing music.




All of this places are open seven days a week all the time, no matter what season, but as mentioned before, only till 2 am, ot until the last customer goes home. With the exception of La Tropicana that is open 24 hours.

In your hotel, and depending on its classification, you will have the space to have a drink before going to sleep. Only in the four or five stars hotels you can enjoy a cocktail in the bar before you go to bed!

For those who want to byu any kind of alcohol,licors, vines or soda, ther is “La Herradura” a licor store, located in the corner of Carrizal street and Palma Real street.