Huatulco Medical Service
Dr. Andrés González Ayvar

(958) 587-6065 (Cellular phone)
(958) 583-0300 (Camino Real Zaashila Hotel)
(958) 581-0044 (Crown Pacific Hotel)
(958) 583-0400 (Dreams Hotel)
(958) 581-0428 (Quinta Real Hotel)
(958) 583-1440 (Barceló Hotel)
(958) 5830-500 (Hotel Secrets)



  • 24-hour house and hotel calls
    or visit us at the medical offices located at Dreams and Barcelo Hotels.

  • Spanish, English, and French are spoken.

  • International insurance accepted
    (Restrictions apply)


Dr. Andrés González Ayvar

Doctor's Office Address:

Dreams Resort & Spa
Boulevard Benito Juarez # 4
Bahia de Tangolunda
Huatulco, Oaxaca 70989


Dr. González is a member of the International Association for Medical Assistance to Travellers (IAMAT)
IAMAT is an organization which strives to advise travelers of health risks and immunization requirements for all countries, and makes competent medical care available to the traveler by doctors who have been trained in a western country and speak either English or French besides their native tongue.

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